Sharo Batista-Rush

Sharo Batista-Rush

Sharo Rush


Since early childhood days in Panama, having spent countless hours in places of worship with her family, Sharo has been fascinated and impressed by the beauty and majesty of churches and cathedrals – awesome structures with fabulously adorned ceilings, walls and huge, colourful windows illuminated by glorious sunshine.  

At 16, Philadelphia, PA became home and Sharo’s appreciation of beautiful objects, coupled with the desire to create beauty herself, developed into a driving passion.  As an art student, she drew and painted for years but was always searching to find her own niche in the world of art.

The wonderful works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, particularly his vast collection of lamps, windows and glassware, have been a major source of inspiration.

While Sharo works mostly with stained glass, wood, stone and metals are prevalent in almost all her designs, which reflect and symbolize real-life experiences. 

Now living in Oviedo, Florida, Sharo constantly strives to find greater challenges in order to produce unique pieces of art that not only reflect beauty and light but are also meaningful and symbolic.


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